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Women's Jewelry

Nature has a soul, let us magnify it by offering it in a case creations oscillating between nobility and primitivism for a raw elegance. Let yourself be seduced and surprised by the magic of contemporary jewelry by discovering our rings, earrings, necklaces but also pendants and bracelets. All jewelry is made in a single piece, some are no longer available for sale, but they can inspire you in your desires of tailor-made.

argent 925,Or ,gemmes, pierres précieuses,Bijouterie contemporaine, Joaillerie contempraine, Bijoux femme, GASTON Bijoux
Bague créateur,argent 925, Or, gemmes, pierres précieuses, Bague pièce unique, bague sur mesure, Bague femmes
Boucles d'oreilles, boucls d'oreilles pièce unique, boucles d'oreilles contemporaines, argent 925, Or, gemmes, pierres précieuses
Colliers argent 925, or, gemmes, pierres précieuses, collier contemporain, collier créateur, collier sur mesure
pendentifs or, argent 925, pierres précieuses, pendentif créateur, pendentif contemporain, pendentif sur mesure
Bracelets or, argent 925,pierres précieuses, bracelet créateur, bracelet pièce unique, bracelet contemporain
Broche Corail GASTON Bijoux rt.png






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